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What Our Customers Say About Us...

If you want to be a good steward with your budget, PPS is a great resource: good products, good quality, at a good price point and cutting edge.

The greatest benefit to us in working with your company was the innovative product selection. They were great quality, and knowing they were socially responsible products made us feel like we were doing ministry in a couple of ways.

The products you provided made our program highly visible and likeable -- - People liked our items and wanted to take 1, 2, 3 or 4 of them. Even our competitors wanted our items. Recipients told us that they kept our gifts because they liked them, and that spurred them on to think about us.

You have helped us stand out at recruitment events, and made us memorable. You helped us with merchandise that matched our mission.

 If you want to be a good steward with your budget, your company is a great resource: good products, good quality, at a good price point and cutting edge.

 - Director of Admissions, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary


Using your products has made a difference in our communication...

It’s easy to find a vendor to provide promotional products. It takes effort to find a vendor that can meet our needs for sustainability. Using your products has made a difference in our communication--- the recipients of our products notice the messaging that comes with our promotional items--- the recycled content, the 1% that goes to 1% for the Planet, that we supported a minority-owned business. It’s good for employee engagement to see that we work hard to find responsible suppliers and that it’s not just lip service for us. Your company and your products reinforce our sustainability message when sharing information externally as well.

 - Social Responsibility Manager, MillerCoors

 When I think of PPS, I think of you as a trusted resource for me.

When I think of the promotional products industry, I think of all the hokey kind of trashy stuff you get at trade shows that people take and think are fun for the day and end up throwing in the trash. As a company, we have the mentality that if it's not going to serve a purpose and if it's not going to be useful over the long term, there's really no sense in putting our logo on it. So I think that's been an important factor in why we've connected with you guys. You’ve been a really reliable source for us to find products that are useful and are low impact. Knowing that you put your products through a sustainability scorecard gives us a lot of peace of mind.

When I think of PPS, I think of you as a trusted resource for me. I take what you have to say very seriously when I want to know where a product is from, how it's made and what the impact is--- I know the answer I get is going to be a real one, and it's not going to be fluffing any of the information to make a sale. I think that's really important. I get all the newsletters from the other companies trying to sell their stuff, and they feature green products but when you ask them questions, they really don't know what they are talking about. PPS helps me sift through the pros and cons, and I feel like I'm making an informed choice about the social, environmental and marketing impact our products have.

Three biggest benefits I get from working with your company are the friendliness and responsiveness of the staff, and the assurance of knowing that you guys are committed to the sustainability--- that you're really going to screen your products and understand them. You take a lot of the guess work out of it because I know you have thoroughly done your homework on the products before you offer them to your clients. The third thing is being pretty confident that the products you offer are going to be thoroughly screened, but they are going to be quality products. We haven't been let down yet.

 -Marketing Coordinator, Community Energy

 Her attention… gives our company the satisfaction that we are using socially responsible products as well as giving all our stakeholders valued products.

Jocelyn has been instrumental in assisting our company with obtaining our socially responsible products that we utilize from internal awards programs to external marquee events. From the beginning, she has been tireless ensuring that we are completely satisfied with the product assessment, quality, and delivery. She is very conscientious of good fit for the product we are purchasing and the stakeholders who will be receiving it. Her attention to all of this, and more, gives our company the satisfaction we are using socially responsible products as well as giving all our stakeholders valued products.

 - Community Relations Manager, Fortune 50 Company

 ...I can attest to the strong social and environmental principles that this firm brings to the table...

 Care is taken to continuously review and evaluate the suppliers with whom this firm does business to make sure that socially responsible principles and that environmentally friendly materials and processes are used to produce the products they sell… not all firms have social and/or environmental mindsets that serve as serious drivers for their business model. I am pleased to say that in my experiences with PPS, I have seen consistent adherence to values that are in line with our own corporate values. My Corporate Responsibility Organization has used this firm on various occasions for environmentally friendly promotional products supporting field initiatives, and as a major supplier of our awards. They have consistently provided top quality products both on time and within our budget… I want to assure you that if you are looking for a firm that has a strong social and positive environmental portfolio, as well as a firm with a proven "track record" for delivering on what they say, then PPS is a firm that you will want to seriously consider.

 - VP Corporate Responsibility, Fortune 50 Company

                                                                                                                 ...They make sure customer needs are met.

Promotional Product Solutions is your one-stop shop for socially responsible promotional materials.  Not only do they have a stellar selection of curated eco-friendly items, but they bend over backward to make sure customer needs are met.  As a special bonus, it’s especially gratifying to see the donation they make to environmental causes for each sale.  Great people selling great products in an environmentally friendly way!  Everybody wins!!

- Marketing Director, TruSweets

 PPS is focused not only on providing quality products, but also it has a very strong focus on promoting society and bettering society...

I work for an organization in the social entrepreneurship field. We fund young people to carry out and start social ventures. We are a global organization in approximately 22 countries.

I really didn’t know too much about PPS before taking on this role and was introduced through my co-workers, someone who was training me who was working with PPS beforehand. They certainly did their research; they tried to find an organization that provided us with promotional products but also had knowledge of what it means to be socially conscious, and they arrived at PPS because that was the best company on the market that they could find. My image generally is that the promotional products industry is very cost conscious, very much focused on getting products inexpensively.

I would say PPS definitely deviates from the pack. PPS is focused not only on providing quality products but also it has a very strong focus on promoting society and bettering society. We certainly like that we can put our name behind any promotional product you provide us with. As a social enterprise, having consciousness of social issues is definitely a draw to us working with PPS…

You are always responsive, no hesitation giving us your cell phone number and things like that so we can always get in touch with you because unfortunately, as you know, for us a lot of promotional product decisions take a lot of time. Once we do finally make that decision, it’s this big rush to get our products in time for a summit or an event, so having top notch service is very important.

I’ve been very satisfied so far, and I would recommend PPS to any other organization that’s looking to promote itself through promotional products.

 - Director of Operations, Ashoka Youth Venture

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