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1557 Sherman Avenue #4 Evanston, IL 60201
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Social Responsibility

We believe that promotional collateral can be sustainable, socially responsible, effective and creative communication vehicles--- all at the same time! Since our beginning, we have focused on products that tell your story, and reduce waste and emissions and were made safely, with good working conditions.

Just as you have pride in being part of your organization, we have pride in knowing we are providing products from suppliers who have strong environmental, labor, and diversity practices. Through the use of well-chosen branded products, our strategies will keep your name in front of your valued stakeholders and show your commitment to being a good corporate citizen.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide products for our customers that meet at least 1 of the following 5 categories. We will always present the most socially and environmentally responsible options first to our customers and prospects. 

Environmentally Conscious: A product made with environmentally conscious materials such as recycled, natural or organic materials; bioplastics; or organic fabrics such as soy, bamboo, cotton, or hemp

Life Cycle: A product that can be recycled or can biodegrade at the end of its life cycle

Socially Responsible: A product from a supplier who has documented fair and humane labor practices through successful third-party certifications or corporate compliance audits; and/or has completed the PPS Supplier Evaluation on environmental, diversity, and labor practices

Supplier Dialogue: A product from a supplier who has completed the PPS supplier evaluation and is open to continued stakeholder dialogue about improving environmental and labor practices

U.S.: Manufactured in the US or services provided in the US (for example, creative services such as graphic design)

Who We Get to Hang With

We’re a proud member of the Green America Green Business Network and 1% for the Planet. We’re also a certified B-Corporation, and a certified minority owned business by the National Minority Supplier Development Council. We’ve measured and offset our own carbon emissions from facility operation, auto and air travel since 2007, and the carbon emissions from the transport of all of our products from factory to our customers are also measured and offset.
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