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1557 Sherman Avenue #4 Evanston, IL 60201
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What We Do

Get you the good stuff.
Like other distributors, we can source any promotional product offered by the more than 3000 suppliers in our industry. If we can’t find it, we’ll create it. You’ll get great products that are well-designed, useful and valued and remembered by recipients. As Jocelyn likes to say, nothing says you care like a well-chosen tchotchke.

Vet Suppliers.
Every single day, we ask factories questions about the materials their products are made of and what the working conditions in their factories are. Our ethical sourcing process was developed in 2006, and refined in 2007 with the Presidio Graduate School.  We visit many of our top suppliers' factories, and share videos of those visits as well. We'll provide information with you on products you're interested in and provide messaging for the products you choose as well. You can rest easy knowing that you've sourced your organization's products ethically and can demonstrate your commitment with your customers, employees and stakeholders.

Tangible expressions of your brand message, available 24/7.

We can provide the majority of a company's promotional products and can supply company stores or online, company-branded stores with full shopping cart functionality.

Measurable results.  

You’ll get products with impact. We’ve got decades of experience designing and delivering promotional marketing programs with measurable results to:

  • -Motivate and recognize employees
  • -Build customer loyalty
  • -Generate leads
  • -Increase direct mail advertising response rates
  • -Drive repeat business and customer retention
  • -Increase trade show traffic
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